Monday, January 8, 2018

Washi Tape Organizing & Travel tip

Last fall i was on bed rest as some of you will know from reading, 
I was slowly going BONKERS with boredom,
A friend joked about me wrapping her washie tape on plastic tags like mine.

I have all wrapped on these tags to travel and go to crops with, 
with out hauling all of my tape with me 
( which is not a ton).

My friend Tracy however , well she has a collection.

She stores her tape in drawers, in stationary trays.
Each drawer is a different colour & one drawer is seasonal.

This is the blue / green drawer.

I cut up thicker duotangs so they were 4.25" x 2.25" for her.
Mine are a bit smaller, juts don't make them to narrow 
or they will be hard to wrap and leave a bunch of kinks in the tape.
Also round the corners as they will be sharp if the plastic is thick.
You will need a good rounder for this.

Here are a few wrapped.
I punched the first few as mine are punched on a ring, 
then placed in a plastic bag to keep them all together.

Tracy simply has to many for that!!
I realized that quickly!

Here they are almost complete, 
as soon as I finished she found more, 
and a recent trip means I need to go over and wrap
the batch that just came home, she now needs another drawer fore sure!!

 She takes tape to the cottage all summer to work on her planners - 
so having these portable will work well for her.

Now some of you may be thinking really you did all of that,
TRUST me I am a busy person and when I was told another week,
I wanted to cry.  This project was a life saver. 
 It made several hours a day pass so quickly.

Also I have a perfectionist gene, so does she.
I had a giggle when her daughter questioned how she would feel 
about my quality or how I would do it, 
she assured her, I am crazy in a good way!
I even rewound some as I didn't like the way they matched!

To some this would be a nightmare,
for me at that moment it was a Blessing!

Here is my collection of Washie & you can see a few of my cards.

I got these cases 60% off at Michaels so they were $3.70.
That to me was a good deal!

Anyway hope this idea helps you!!

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  1. What a clever way to have your washi tape in an instant! I have mine all hanging on dowels on my craftroom wall - 4 of them at the moment - I should actually have 6 of them, but I've been to lazy to add the latest dowels to the wall and re-organize them again! LOL Tracey is so lucky to have you close enough to help her keep her's organized as well! :)
    I like your system, but I'm too lazy to do all that - I'll just look up at the wall instead! hahaha - If I traveled with my crafts this would be the perfect option! :)



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