Monday, January 9, 2017

New Technique

I am still playing around with the scraps on my desk

I was looking at the blogs I have saved 
and over on 

They have a challenge to make a card, layout or other with something new
like new baby, new items or new stash
but i tried a NEW TECHNIQUE!

I put rub-ons on top of glitter paper so the rub on looks matte 
against all of the glitter.

I think the rub=on on the glitter makes it look like it putty or  paste.
something new to try for your rub-ons that aren't complete 

I raised the heat with pop dots.

hope you like it & try it!! 

Have an amazing day!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sketch N Scrap Card #89

Got back home from driving kids around and started back up with 
the scraps on my desk.
I have successfully used the remnants of 4 Rub-On packages &
used a bunch of matching scraps that went with them.

On of the card sketches is from a website I used to visit faithfully
before I hit a wall! 
visit them here: 

here is their Sketch 
and here is my card 

Yes these rub-ons and papers were all in my scraps.
I completes a total of 5 cards!! 
and cleaned up my scraps bin at the same time!!

Have a Fantastic day!!

Paper Play Sketches #29

Decided to get this weeks done'
at Paper Play Sketches 

You can visit them here :

Here is there sketch this week

and here is my card made entirely from scraps!

it feels great to use up the end of kits - 
or at least try!!

Have a great day!

Paper play Sketches #28

I finished this last week but didn't get it loaded until now >>>>

It is last weeks sketch from paper play sketches..

You can visit them here: 

Here is my card...
I used some scraps from Card I made hubby and made a second card

Adding it to my stash - 
Last week my friend had a birthday & I gifted her a stack of card - 
She loved them ..
will be doing that again & again .

have a craft day !

Thursday, January 5, 2017

I've got a Planner!

So my life is crazy busier ( sound familiar?) so 
I purchased a planner to keep track of where I need to be, what I need to do
and when it all goes down.

I had my heart set on Simple Stories Carpe Diem planner 
but it is an A5 size and I need something a bit smaller to go 
in my purse and travel with me.

Mel at work had one from Micheal's so I 
picked one up last week and started to put it 
together the way it would work best for me.

They used to have the planners in the aisle 
on one of those wire racks, 
now they have this! An entire aisle!

 Here is the planner and inserts I decided on.

This is the front cover, I didnt love the paper behind,so ... 
I added some Simple Stories We are Family paper.
you can see I have added a post-it note pad to scribble down notes!
it matched so i added it!

I had a stamp set already so I used it , 
I didn't love it but it worked!
I adhered the first half of the month to the divider, 
so when I open to a month I am at the calendar.
The washie through the days are days that I am traveling or
have an event lasting more than one day,
the matching washie is in the weekly inserts as well.
I don't need to label the event as I know right away what it is.

I snipped the year row off of a date stamp and got all of the days done, 
with only one error all year.

I  have the kids events at the bottom, hubby's shifts to the side
and washie shows me my travel dates.

last thing I got was a list for the back 
it has holes or you can slide it in the slot in the back cover....

Well wish me luck that this will help 
and make my brain hurt less!

If you have any great ideas or tricks, let me know.
Most of my ideas are straight from my friend Tracy!! 
Check her our here!

Have an amazing day!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Scott's 50!

I am not to sure where he time goes but my husband turns 50 today!
not that long ago he was turning 30!

Mind you I don't feel like he's 50 & 
he most certainly doesn't look 50.


Here is the card I made him - 
he is an AVID coffee drinker - 
seeing him have water is rare, 
but a coffee cup in his hand seams natural.

Happy Birthday Scottie!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Using up the Stash !

So my friends and I are trying a crazy little challenge.

We are going to use our stash to scrapbook / craft
for as long as we can - with out purchasing any new item
other than adhesive which we need to create.

Most of us are only attempting to make it to 
October  / Crop & Create!

So on Sunday I cracked open one of my crop & create kits and
started to use my stash!

Here is the kit suggestion 
 This is the kit it is from - you can go to the website ans see the kits for sell
they noting short of amazing!! they have full of great product, 
extras & detailed step by step instructions.  They layouts are for a 12x12
book and i make 8.5 x 85 so mine don't exactly match, 
but that's half of the fun.
And here is my creation!

here is the link to the kits!! enjoy 

have a great day!

Monday, January 2, 2017

First Sketch of the Year ....

I have been in a scrapbooking funk, 
so my scrappy friends Tracy showed me a 
sketch in her Scrapbook & Cards Today Planner.

Every month they have a new sketch.
I decided to give it a go and start the new year out right! 
I finished it Yesterday, hence start the new year right.

Here is my creation...., 
I can't however share the sketch as it is from 
a planner that needs to be purchased, 
and I would not want to publish it on an open forum.
But ... go on over to their website ans they have so many to 
see and FREE downloadable issues!

check it out here: 

without further ado here is the layout!

Have a great day guys!!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Thanks for stopping by - 
wanting to wish you all a Happy New Year
filled with love , laughter & blessing 
throughout the year!

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