Monday, April 28, 2014

Good Mail Day !!

Love going to the mail box and seeing a Manila envelope in there - 
Good Mail !!

Today it was fro peachy Cheap
I received the October Afternoon Album Super Pack ....

October Afternoon Album Super Pack.  82% OFF at!

Was looking at making a Copic Journal - guess what I am using - 
You can find so many great Journal ideas on Pinterest.

Have a creative Day !!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sketch~n~Scrap card #23

Ok now the next Card Sketch - 
same papers - same sitting ....

Check it out here :

The Sketch 

And my versions :

Wow - Spring Stickers add a wow factor to Cards!!!
To much Fun ....

Was a Busy day here -
Did some house work - 
Picked Taylor up from Gymnastics
Went to the Reservation for cheaper gas & filled up
Picked up a girlfriend and drove out to Kakabeka falls to see the falls
There is still so much ice hanging around the falls - wow 
was chilly but so nice to drive & chat 

then the kids and I had a bite to eat & went bowling 
Alex announced that he was a very good bowler in the first game - 
and in the second he announced that our team was winning ....
we went at 5:30 so it was pretty empty - 
but if you know me, I like to Win so - Hooray!

as you can see one family beside us ;)

Well that sit for me - 
read a book to the boy and wait for the boys to return from a hockey week-end 

will post that when I get the details!

have a crafty day!

Sketch~N~Scrap Card Sketch #24

Knocked off a few card in a few minutes - 
Will separate the posts as they are for different Sketches 
- both from Sketch~n~Scrap 

Here is the link to the most recent :

Here is the Sketch 

here are the some of the cards I made from it - 

On to the next one !!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sketch~n~Scrap #55

has been on of my fav sites to get layouts from.
Not only are teh layouts great , 
but the Scrappers there are doubly wonderful!

Check it out!  Here is the Link :

Here is the Sketch ......

And here is what I made :
I am almost done our summer pictures now ! hooray !

have super creative day 

Copic Colouring with Tracy

Tonight I went to my girfriends for Friday Night Scrapbooking

Her link is in the post below .... Check it out 
Tracy, Lynne & I all coloured the same image 
I didn't get a pic of Lynne's card before she packed up - 
I will lift it from Tracy later ;)

here is the image Tracy talked me through 
I learned a few more tricks!  Thanks Tracy!

Mine is on the left & Tracy's is on the right 
I didnt realize that she had a train..... lol 
I like hoe Tracy'd is lighter, I will get there will more practice ....

Today was another Snow Day here... Yes an April Snow Day ....

So we Stayed in for the afternoon - 
I still had to drive my daughter to gymnastics - on our way home 
Alex and I stopped for a Swim at the pool .....
and made a quick pot of soup before heading to Tracy's

The Noodles Blew up a bit more than I wanted -
But the kids like it that way !

Have a creative day !

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Copic CrAzY!!

So I have had my Copics for a bit now
but rarely used them - tisk tisk 
UNTIL I went to Tracy's last week and coloured
ONE card...
Now I have to have the right paper & more shades.
I coloured images off and on all week-end.
I was staying with my dearest Granny so I wanted to visit & 
and believe it or not over the week-end we got addicted to Game of Thrones.
Yes my Granny & I watched 8 episodes in one night.
Needless to say I was tired the next morning ,
but she was good? ....!!!

Anyway, several of my first attempt are not worth a second look.
I need to work on hair this week at Tracy's
( PS Tracy I'm coming over Friday !)

and my shading off as I don't even think about it. ... Yet.

So drum roll ... not needed! LOL

I have 6 new colours since last Friday ... 2 more in mail that 
they don't have here at Michael`s.
I need some Darker browns to get better hair.
Can you believe once I get my package I will have 72! Yikes.

Head over to Tracy's blog Here:
You will see some amazing colouring, cards, journals & FOOD.
If you look a bit you will even find me!
She also has links to her You Tube for Videos on how she does her "Goodness".
Don't think she`ll mind a Sample :
Have a crafty Day..

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A layout & What we have done this week ....

So here is a layout I made while was supposed to be packing for the crop .... 

Sorry for the Blurry Pic ... Yiks ..... SOrry 

No Blurr - detail .  This paper had no glitter when I started but as you 
can see it dint stay that way long.   Snow pages just call for glitter! 

and more glitter ....

and more Glitter . LOL 
Tried to layer the top of the snow letters to look like
 they had a dump of snow on them , but that didn't really turn out ....
but it isn't as blurry ! hooray  

We made some foam craft Easter Eggs - 
gotta love foam craft kits!
( please ignore reno in the background - I try not to take pics of it )

Followed by a swim with Dad - 
Mom was going to take him but - well thanks Honey ....

And Guess Who got a new bike this morning ?
and yes he is wearing a winter coat and mitts on April 15th ..... yuk...

Time to recharge for tomorrow - hope you all have a super creative day !

We give a Scrap about Autism

Saturday I went to a Scrap for Autism.
It was a great turn out of 75 ladies and sold out far before the date ...
I had a great time with the usual ladies and we had 
our giggles as always.

My Good Scrappin / Hockey Mom (not to be confused with Fighting Hockey Mom he he )
Finally finished a group of books that she has been working on for 5 years.
This was a serious cause for celebration .... Denise was fully prepared for the event.
     Photo: Congrats to my friend Lynne Goodheart for completing her Massachusetts album tonight. Volume 3 completed ;)
I feel so honoured to have been there for the finale

Here are the girls that I have been scrappin with ...

I didn't get as much done this time around but I did 
start and almost finish the Jamaica layouts in 24 hours .... 8 down & 2 left to go .  .
That post to follow so it is more of a bite size post ....

Here is what I did get done ....

This is my daughters gymnastics banquet.
She is in the competitive program so she spends several hours
 every week with her extended gym family.
She is left in the pic on the bottom.

The top Photo is her with Coach Jen - 
know to us as Taylor's other Mother... 
She is a special lady that followed her dreams & 
is truly doing what she is passionate about...changing kids lives...
the other two coaches are just as special Abby & Shelly.

 Coach Jen & Tay

Alex loved wagon rides last year ... and who can resist a red wagon? 

A boys life is not complete with out Park pictures.
What a crazy climber.... a boy for sure. 

Years ago ( I was a teen so maybe not that long ago ...ha ha )
Dr Dread had science experiments you could eat.
I found a set before Christmas and had to get them for Alex.
You can make 3 things but his favorite is intestines... yuk

I have a few other things to share but in another post ,,,,,
Have a super crafty day ...

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