Monday, February 20, 2012

Loading Loading Loading

I have spent a few hours today removing Taylor's
Layouts and photographing them. It i s taking me
longer to do this than anticipated because I wan to
use natural light instead of flash - so I have
to wait for a sunny day & I also have to have time
with out the little guy to take all of the books apart
& put them back together.

While going through Taylor's today I tried to
put them in order to some degree. I did not get out the
Picasa to check all the dates & record the
missing ones ( that is a whole other project)!

So I have them photographed, the 8x8
books anyways & am Loading Loading Loading,
Then Cropping Cropping Cropping,

In the meantime, here are a few from the
last crop I went to .......

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ahh Pinterest . . . . The Perfect escape from House Work

So I did get the house cleaner - it is not spotless -
but I will settle for a decent effort. My husband always makes
funny comments when I drone on about the state of the house -
he likes to remind me of horribly discusting places that
our house could look like! Too funny . . . .

Any way, took a break to blog & of course look at pinterest!

Want to make these, need to start thinking of a place to put them.

Crafty idea for old window frames,
happen to have a few of those!!

Love teh glass knobs on the old cabinet door -
that is a sweet recycle.

Would like to make these as well.
I have some pretty awesome Scrap Pads
that would make some sweet balls.
Would like these in Taylor's Room ,
But I don,t think she has room ;(

Well Hopefully i can get a few more Scrapped pages
loaded tomorrow - have a great week-end.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Alexander's Scrapbook

Well as you can see I got all of Alex's Baby Album done and loaded.
I kept all of the backgrounds the same colour scheme to help all of the
photos flow & help me actually get it done. I had fun having a few time
outs and getting creative again. This was my first real creative work since
Alex had been born. Hope you Enjoy!!

Pinterest Anyone?

Have you checked out the latest Blog Hoppers craze?

Well I have been introduced to Pinterest by my friend Tanya.
This site should come with a warning label! HIGHLY ADDICTIVE
It is nice to check out so many wonderful ideas for decorating,
hair do's, craft projects, recipes, pictures and so much more.

I have been saving pictures for future projects. Now I just need to find the time....
Here are just a few of the things I have saved;

Love, Love this picture - I am planning on printing this for next fall / Winter.
If you know me well, then you know this is 100% my style.

Another MUST!!! I recently found a few of these measuring sticks & want to hang this in the
somewhere or near the already full back door ;)

A few weeks ago I went to a Huge Antique store in Duluth with two treasured
friends. Ruby found me an OLD wooden bowl, cracked & worn, I knew it
was perfect!!!! I plan on filling the bowl with "ornies" like the ones above.

Thought this was a sweet little project that would be great for the laundry room
or a special gift for a friend.

Lastly I have a thing for chairs, found this one and thought it would be great
idea - you could use any theme and would be an other great gift for a few of my
friends with a prim theme or a shabby bird nest feel.

Well today it is finally sunny and I plan on starting to photograph my
scrapbooks to load here - so stay tuned this week-end!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Well I have a Blog ......

Well I have a blog now ,
I wanted somewhere to show you all the scrapbook pages I create ~the crafty items that are designed & all all of the fabulous ideas that I come up with from all of the other great Bloggers out there!

So hopefully I can keep it up -
I am hoping to post alot of the scrapbook pages this week -
keep your fingers crossed that happens!

Hope you all enjoy this site & post !!!
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