Thursday, January 30, 2014

Crop packing ....

Heading to Scrap for Heart Saturday - 
I hate Crop packing ...
I end up packing tooo much!

So here is the first round of packing ...
i packed up my little carrier with basics and some embellishments

I typed out some journaling made two copies - 
one is wide on white and the other is in columns on cream
Basics covered.... also saved to computer so I can reprint on any colour
or reprint.  First of done this - lets see how well it works....

i trimmed my pictures and placed them in baggies - ready to go

took out my halloween papers for my pupkin patch layout - taking all Halloween 
as I LOVE the pics from the patch this year .
So those were from last weekend 

These are from this morning
packed carrier & 2 cases full of paperpads & kits 

The black case if full of packages of embellishments / stickers that i dont use ..
hoping to use them or let someone else use them ...
The blue case is some thickers & K&Company stickers 

Ok now I am going to attempt to use the next hour to 
weed out what I dont need 
and match papers to pictures. 
or I will need a second bag ....

Wish me luck,
maybe a quick peek at Tracy's Blog & her friends then to work ...LOL

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Goodbye Arizona

Well it has been a crazy 2 weeks - 
Taylor & I spent 5 days in Arizona 
( which is clear across country for us ) 
I should have tacked on a day or 2 
when you calculate travel 7 competing - it seamed like 
we were there & back..

The competition was held by
 Amanda Borden - Olympic Medalist 

We had a great time 

well off to do laundry - 
clean up house & 
maybe load pictures

I need to pack for an up coming crop but I have a week for that !

have a crafty day 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Alex's 4th Birthday

Alex had his birthday a couple of weeks ago 
& can you believe that I have it scrapbooked already 

Hooray !

These pages are 8.5 x 8.5 
I printed out 2 or 4 pictures to a 4x6 to 
get smaller pictures to fit better on the pages.

I used to do 12 x12 but they seam so big and the books
are awkward to hold - I just like the smaller layouts
In order to have more than one or two pictures per layout - 
\this seamed like the best way to do it  .. off to feed the family 

have a crafty day 

Birthday Cards

Sometimes if I have the time to scrapbook 
but cant get inspired I check out blogs & 
waste time instead of creating - 
this was the case last night , so I grabbed a cute 
birthday slab & started to play with cards, 
Now this morning ( after staying up late) 
and ready to start Alex's Birthday layouts 

But first here are the cards ....

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Baby Its cold outside

We have been in a bit of a deep freeze around here

it have been -30 on my trucks temp gauge more often than not
and the norm for the kids to WALK ( have been driving them) 
on the radio is ... feels like -37 to -41 with the wind today. so 

I didnt take picture - thought is was appropriate ( from Pinterest) 

I have also caught the cold everyone is passing back and for forth , 
however I have NOT caught H1N1 which has claimed 2 lives in the area.
This world is getting crazy .

On a crafty note ... my friend Tracy & her friend Nicole 
did the 12 tags on Tim Holtz site last year 
and they were nothing short of amazing 

see there talent here

They will dazzle you - I only have a few blogs I pop in regularly
these are two - ( leave me your address so I can check you out too)

anyway to do so I am contemplating purchasing some precut dies 
apposed to purchasing 4-5 new Tim Holtz Die plates ... your thoughts.
There are some i would use more often & feel I could own - 
others I would use as much .... hmmmm 

anyway here is what I am striving for 

Have a scrappy day & stay warm

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Left Overs ?

Not food...Scraps

I rarely use kits,
but now that I am getting to the end of one 
I have several Left Overs

What do you do with yours?

Keep it in Sight

Well as I am starting to clean out the drawers - 
I am trying to keep things in sight to use them ...

That being said I found the cutest picture frame 
that was not going to get a picture so ....

It needs a bit of work still but it is great for a sampling of my pins ...
if there is one here that will work I can pull the package and we 
what else I have ... I love pins but wasn't using them,
hoping to change that 

today was a mellow day in our house
Dear Hubby turned 47 today...
I have need been feeling great so we watched 
the IIHL world Jrs 
Canada lost - being a hockey mom , 
\I am not so happy with a few of the calls -
Digbat is not what I was calling the ref .. LOL

then we watched part of the under 17 Canada vs USA
which Canada lost as well. 
Dint watch the entire game made Butter Chicken,
peas, Basmati Rice, Lemon Basmati Rice & 
iced the cupcakes Taylor made Dad.

Was going to work on a mini I started yesterday.
But in laws are headed of so I will visit & relax.
I didn't follow the directions on the package anyway !!
Not sure why I bought 2 of the follow the instructions books-
I never follow - I want to be more creative!!

Will posy more pics as I finish ,

I did take pics of my first Mini projects that i did 
SEVERAL years ago ,
Enjoy ....

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year .... Dreaming of somewhere warm

Happy  New Years Every one ,

it has been sooo cold here - a deep freeze would be warmer!

I have been preparing for a local Crop and
getting photos printed - of Jamaica last year !

Oh I would give .... some days my first born -  to go right now

Hope you all had a great new years & a great year to come .....
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