Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My Boys -

Well this isnt a layout yet but I wanted to share some pictures 
from last weekend while we were away to visit my oldest son
& my youngest had a tournament.

On Wednesday night we got to see the Dryden Ice dogs play 
& we got this great picture of the boys post game.
Alex got an Ice dogs hoodie during intermission, 
we call him a Slush Puppy all the time, 
& he wants to be an Ice puppy.

On Sunday after Alex;s game we got this picture,
Garett didn't get mush sleep after pulling in of a 2 game road trip, 
but he will never let his little brother down.

and lastly here are two from early in the month, 

I love these pictures so much I freeze & have a hard time scrapping them.
I want them to be perfect, Any ideas??

Thanks for stopping by.... 

Monday, February 27, 2017

When you can't Shop - Organize!

If you have been here since Christmas you know
that I am on a scrapbooking diet.

I have tried twice to break it but my paypal didn't get the notice! lol 

So a few days ago when I felt liek shopping
I organized a bit!

I cleaned up my sequence, dew drop inks & washi tape.

I even cleaned out my bag I carry all of it in...

I like to organize as much as I like to shop - 
so that worked out pretty well for me.

This is a cube on my desk 
It has held several things lately - 
Still moving things to get them just where I want them.

I have moved alot of my embellishments to these photo cases.
Some are 5x7 & some are 4x6

Each one is labeled

I put all of the sequence in the same bags
and added a few mixed baggies to my travel bag.

They so pretty!!

Next I moved my Dew Drop inks to these larger cases, 
they were in one like the Washi below but I needed it for the Washi!

My washi collection isn't as impressive as my friend Tracy's but
I honestly need to use it more before I get more!!

These inks also sit on my shelf.  I have several full size as well
 but I like to have these little one handy to go

If you have a great organization suggestion of tip, please share!!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pokemon Birthday Party @ Home / DIY

As you all know by now 
I love to put together kids Birthday parties.

This year my daughter and husband were in charge of photo 
so I apologize that I do not have alot of detail photos after all of that work!

This year was Pokemon 
and I splurged on what the kids took home & 
what the party consisted of & I tried to keep the decorations 
as cost effective as Possible.

The decorations I was able to start a week in advance to 
save me time on party day.

I started with our bck Porch as that is where the kids come 
into the house / party so I wanted to set the tone here.
I had streamers hung gathering around the light
where I had a lantern I painted that looked like a Pokeball.


In the corner I turned my winter tree into a hat tree
so all the kids could pick a colour when they came in.  

I purchased some Foil balloons from China - 
order more than you need and make sure
 to do this at lease 3 months from party date!!
Then I purchases a small helium tank fro Michael's to fill them.
This is hubbys idea of a picture of balloons - 
this balloon is balbasaur.

 From there they headed downstairs to design a Pokeball that would be 
judged later in the party in hopes of winning a prize.
This kept all the kids busy as the other kids arrived. 
Colouring isn't a selling point until you say the word PRIZE.

We coloured Pokemon & cut them out to that as you went down the Stairs
you felt like you were being surrounded by Pokemon.

Squirtle was at the top of the Banister
There were more pokemon on the Bulkhead & Balloons 
coming from banister at bottom 
again no photo!
Here is the first of 3 buntings made by colouring small pokemon.

The Fireplace I kept simple.
Here is another Pokeball lantern & a longer bunting,
accompanied by 2 pokemon stuffies.

The front window I kept very easy, we blew up balloons & 
strung them with jute from corner to corner.
It was pretty cold that do so they shrunk a little.

You can see red swirls hanging from the ceiling & small foam balls
painted to look like pokeballs 
Yo can see one well in the op photo, looks like it is attached to star
on the mantle but it is hung about a foot in front.

I have omitted the large coffee table as it is surrounded with kids, 
there was a small table in the hall with a pokemon puzzle on it, 
this worked well for two girls who were quieter & wanted to have a little time out.

Upstairs living room had more streamers with  pokeballs

the table was simple as it would be covered soon enough & 
the Pokemon table cloth arrived a week after the party, 
if ordering 2 months is the average from China - 
so give yourself lots of time!
This is the shelf with the 3rd bunting above the table.
I placed all of my sons Pokemon on the shelf
for decoration & to make sure they were not mixed in with the others

Here is the birthday boy playing one of the games.
This was by far the hardest game.
Downstairs they had to stand on large cardboard pokeballs
& keep yellow pikachu balloons up. 
they could not step of the pokeball & the highest number won.

Next on the air hockey table we have Pokemon 
Ice cream bowls (from Party City) & they played aversion on Beer pong 
which they all loved!  They had 3 balls & they had 3 chances to sink them all.

everytime they completed a game they picked Pokemon out of a Pail above thier heads.
The more games & rounds they completed, the more pokemon they earned. 
To a max of 12 - I quickly had to add in!

Made completely from cardboard & Paint!

After games and prizes was snack time.

I googles Pokemon water bottle labels & had a great 
assortment to choose from, thanks all who share!
The local pizzeria places pepperoni on half &
 cut into squares to make the pieces smaller.
You can always have more, but I find full slices get wasted!
I have a pokeball Pizza Sign, 
Charzard Chips, Magikarp crackers
& of course Squirtle Spit. 

I always make cupcakes but he had his heart set on 
a Pikachu cake - I was a bit stressed.
Pinterest to the Rescue.
Google Frozen Buttercream Transfer & any colour page can be 
you caketop design.
Just try to keep it a simple design!
Not to bad I if I do say so!! 

Here is what the kids took home - 
they each got one Cinch sac, One Trainer hat, 
one pokeball & the pokemon they earned by playing games.
In the sac was a colouring / activity book I made 
as well as a pokemon fortune teller.
Here is a sample of the pokemon from China
they came in sets of 144.

Lastly we suited them up & went outside 
with their sacs to do the pinata.
I filled it as full as I could & let that candy
 be the candy for their loot bags.

Once candy was all picked up we played outside
& waited for pick up.

That was the fasted 2.5 hours yet!

All in all the birthday was given excellent reviews by the kids.

Now another year to see what theme the next party will be 
& I will be making sure I have good pictures before the kids come!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lasting Memories - A celebration of love

Here we are the last page of 4 from my little scrapbooking Wednesday Night
( when I should have been in bed of course)

This last challenge is from Lasting Memories

LM 331
 "Celebration of Love" - Layout showing a moment, celebration, favorite hobby, family anything you LOVE!

The layout is my son & his girlfriend a few years ago now
before Semi-formal. They are the couple on the far right, 
They make such a beautiful couple!
So here is my celebration of love:

 you cant tell very well from this photo but the embellishments are layered,
and all at different heights with thick zots & pop dots.

Here they are up close,
he took so long to get reasy, the next year he went to his
hair stylist to get his hair done, he never wears his hair like this,
but he couldn't decide what to do with it.
 Here is the 2 page spread, I have pictures that I need to shrink down
 & reprint of them putting the corsage & boutonniere on.
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Memory Nest Challenge

I found a great new challenge site - 
it's called The Memory Nest

Here is their challenge No. 81

I had some old papers that needed to be used up so ta da ....

I don't love the paper or the final layout but it always changes
once I get the pictures added.  I plan on adding a 
photo of my daughters gymnastics - she wears a red suit.

Thanks for stopping buy.

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