Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Harvest Banner

Well I almost finished it!!

I need to put something on the blank Pennants.
Everything I tried was not working -  
I need something Prim - So I need to create
a pumpkin or crow or something.

Will work on that - 

I saved the template so I can make other 
Banners & for my fabulous friends.

What a great Crop task.

Here is how I did it :

I created the shape & Printed letters

Then inked the edges with 
orange, red & brown distress ink 

 Then I sprayed them with 
my homemade shimmer mist

 Let them dry & then put 
eyelets in every corner to help 
with tearing hanging evenly.

 Tada - Just need some pumpkins - 
I will add a photo of finished Mantle 
after all of my wonderful Partylite comes!

Time Flies . . . . .

Well were does all the time go when it flies away.

I have sat in my little sanctuary once possibly twice all summer!

Don't get me wrong, I am an avid believer that Summer is Short, 
get out there & make the very best of it .  
I actually get cranky when inside on beautiful hot days.

That being said, out family bought a 27'Trailer 
at the end of June & we USED it!
I am so sad to see it getting packed up till spring.
We also purchased a boat last week-end &
 are hoping to get that out a few times as well 
before we pack it up for the long cold months.

Garett tried out for the local AAA hockey program, 
and was cut on the last day.
All we have to say as a family is 
thank God for unanswered prayers.
He will be back at NorWest with excellent Coaches - 
he will be chipped in the draft this week-end.

Taylor has returned,
( as if she had taken a break - ha )
to Giant Gymnastics!
If you are looking for a club in Thunder Bay - 
I could talk your ear off with reasons 
why this club would be the RIGHT choice for you.
Last year her coaches recognized her with 3 awards.
We were so VERY proud of her.
She is going into her 3rd year of CDP,
Competitive Developmental Program.
She has learned a great deal of skills & life lessons
in the last two years & is blossoming 
into a beautiful young Lady.

Alexander is GROWING
and is so adorable with all of the funny little things he says.
The one that always seems to come up is 
"my butt farted" or "Did your butt fart?"
Fridays will continue to be Alex days.
He also is thrilled to be "doing"
gymnastics again this fall, 
not just dropping Taylor off.
Today he announced "Am going in there today for nastics", 
as we pulled up to the building.

Well that is a recap in a nut shell.
We are working on the house still & Are making some progress.
I will update you with photos are we do.

I am hoping on making a Harvest Banner today?
or shall I say over the week-end.
I just ordered a few Halloween Decorations from Partylite
& am itching to get all of that started!

Hope to have pics for you soon,
here is some inspiration photos I am working from - 
hope it turns out!

Happy Fall!
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