Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sketch n Scrap Card Sketch #38

Here is a card that I made for a sketch 
on Sketch n Scrap 

Check them out here:

here is the Sketch 

here is my card ...
I have a bunch of these mirror stickers 
and I never seam to use stickers so I figured 
might as well try them 

hope you have time to be creative today ,

Let the Christmas cards Begin

i opened up a Christmas kit that i 
received from a fellow scrapper
i have always liked the colours but have never used it 

so today i dug into all the cut up scraps
and only cut one full sheet -
this is what i came up with

i used no real thought nor did i plan anything
i just started gluing!

have a creative Sunday ..... 

Friday, November 28, 2014

1st Day of School

this year was Alex's first year of school 
he was very excited and loves going to play with his friends
with his birthday being in december - he would have started
JK when he was 3
that is to young, and we had the ability to keep him home with us
so we did 

he was more than ready this year

Alex started SK - age 4
Taylor started grade 8 - age 13
Garett started grade 11 -age 16

What wonderful kids! 

have a creative day !

Friday, November 21, 2014


let me just start with 
Oh My Goodness ....
this was an amazing little retreat - 

i joined a few other friends that did attend last year 
and some that didn't and we had a great time!
( minus my nasty little flu attack - horrible timing )



my scrappy friends are the best !

as I said above I was staying with my friend Myra
and sorrily for her i was up with the flu for most of the night

i didnt get as nuch done as i would like
but i did get a few done

well i think that post is long enough 
off to finish the Christmas decorations & maybe get some presents wrapped tonight !

be creative!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sketch N Scrap - #69

Here is a second post for today - on a roll here before i set to taking pictures of 
of layouts i have accomplished since may...

i wondered over to Sketch n Scrap and completed the sketch
i always like the sketches they have
here is the link :

here is the sketch 

here's what i made
this past september i turned 40
i dont feel 40 
i dont look 40 
and sweetie i rarely act 40!
its just a number 

i got really lucky with this sketch -
the bunting was on my cupcake display
i removed the posts - and tada -i was half way there

i have also taken to candy buffet / bars this year 
i seam to be making them for everyone's birthday

we had a bonfire in our backyard and invited on;y close friends
it was a reggae theme - since scott & i had our first 
real vacation together in montego bay jamaica a couple
years ago - we listen to reggae & love the relaxed layed back
feel of the island
my husband is referred to as the whitest jamaican 
by our jamaican friends 

I'm BACK !!

Well after a very cool short sprint, summer & fall
I have finally sat myself down to create.

Just to give you a recap of why I haven't been around here is 
I quick recap with layouts and pictures to follow - 

we got our trailer out late and camped when we could 
before school let out
we stayed with family in upsala - visited friends at wolf river ( twice)
and spend the month of Aug in beardmore

taylor attended most of her summer gymnastic training
and spent times with friends
and relaxed before starting her competitive training again 
this past september
she is looking forward to a competition in 
minneapolis this dec & 
returning to the arizona grad invitational in jan

garett trained with a trainer all summer & 
has started to take is nutrition and health more serious
he decided against trying out for higher level hockey teams 
away from home - i am so happy to have him here
he was called to join a jr b team after draft & 
they decided to affiliate instead 
so he is enjoying a year of aa & playing up when ever he can

alex was so much fun all summer 
he enjoys boat rides - tubing - climbing and playing in the clay
he is always doing something and is simply the funniest 
most pleasant little boy!
has started playing hockey this fall
he plays at out local arena in a rec league 3 nights a week
he loves it and is starting to understand the finer points
it looks a bit like herd hockey - but he is so determined
he with have the love and passion for the game like big brother

if our house wasnt busy enough - 
2 weeks into september we decided to have another 
16 year old boy live with us
he was living in kelowna bc with his father and 
grandmother after his mothers death 2 years ago
i have moved my craft room / office into the corner of the 
rec room where the bar was going to go 
so i have a hard time being creative with no sanctuary to run to 
and always feel like i have more to now
it had been a challenging adjustment for all 5 members of our family
and we have had some prayer requests
i am hoping things settle in soon 

well that is where i have been ! 
i am sure there is more but i would like to share the details 
with you as i post some of the pages i have completed

i got this one done tonight
it was a challenge from 
the above is a link to the challenge

here is the sketch:

i pretty much just followed it - 
i may do this for a bit till i get my mojo flowing..... lol 

here is what i did 

this was taken last march break in toronto
we went down for a mini vacation to watch garett
play in the ohl cup
not often we get a date night - or a trip away .

hope to see you all soon 
be crafty
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