Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Treats

Oh my
Its not even Christmas & I haven't even been super crafty 
But I just didn't have it in me to get all creative for the kids & teachers gifts this year.

I am calling it done, they are cute after all so - 
Christmas Accomplished will be what we call it - 

Funniest part was Alex liked them just as 
much as if I slaved over them, 
and lets be real tying 24 little string was work! LOL 

I'll Kill It Next Year!
Or Valentine's! yeah that's it!

went tot he Dollar Store 
Got fruit Candy Canes & Gift Tags for Presents!
Blah ha ha hah ....

have a creativity genius day !

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Minecraft Loot Bags

Well I have completed the Minecraft Loot Bags

They are Green Paper bags with cut outs to look like Creepers.

I have pixel animals, 2 perler bead kits,  &
Wooden blocks they can colour like any minecraft charachter.
For treats they have a bunch food that resembles 
the minecraft game foods & icons.

I am going to have a snack for them 
7 for a drink we have Hawian Punch bottles that have the 
same amount of sugar as a juice box - 
Who knew?

Here is what we have so far...

Off to plan the next portion ....

Monday, November 16, 2015

Minecraft Pop-Up Birthday Invitations

Well after a few trials and fails 
I have finally finished the invitations and took most of 
them to the school this afternoon.  We have decided on
Minecraft, so Alex told me we could stay up 
late and get them done .... LOL 
He knows my crafting usually goes late when he is in bed.

Steve the Creeper and the block seam to Pop Up of the card when you open it.
 Well on to the rest of the Party . . . .
If you want to make these , let me know I will send you the PDF.

have a crafty day .

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Stuck?! Sketches November 1st Challenge

I have a few older pic that still need to be scrapped so I am going to 
push for the next few weeks to get them done so I than can print up a 
new batch of photos! hooray! 

I really do get layouts out when I see a sketch ... so I wondered over to 
and did their challenge right away - it did take me a but to get it loaded ( 5 Days ) lol 

here is the sketch 

and here are some pictures from last Halloween that got scrapped!

Well that's it for me I now need to go work on some Hockey Programs for my sons team - 
Maybe a Sneak Peak tomorrow 

Have a crafty night ....

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween & Fall Decor - Time to Put away

I love fall Decorations & even Halloween for that matter.

I just Find that after Halloween I put it all away. 

This year I didn't take any pictures of my decorations, 
my iPhone sometimes takes great photo sometimes I wonder....

Here are a few things getting put away Friday ( Day off).
I have several decorations here & there, 
but I thought I would share a few groupings and other Halloween Photos.

Sorry iPhone was not co-operating!

 Mr Bones Plays that piano all October, and we have seasonal books out.

 I love this Prim Doll - Usually stays here untill Christmas.

Behind my kitchen sink 

 Tree Mom made me ( or I borrowed & it stayed ) 

 Bunting from last year...

Love to decorate the Fireplace...

 Senior Bones ready to hand out treats. 

He had Pirate Treats - so we dressed hims as a Pirate!

he doesn't like the slimy feeling - LOL 

A traditional pumpkin and what should appear to be a Reaper??
Maybe next year we should print a template ...LOL 

Ales was the "Enderman" on the end.
It is a Minecraft Character that is black with a block head.
I wish I got to make some thing more creative, but that is what he wanted.
Worked out, it POURED ans was cold, so I covered it in packing tape, 
he wore his rain coat and splat pants & rubbers asn he was warm & dry.

 After 35 min they were back at our house having Hot Cocoa & a Dance Party!

Hope you had a great Halloween!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Sketch N Scrap #92

I have been working on Taylor's LA Book all month so 
I took a little break last night nad did the Sketch from Sketch N Scrap
 You can find the ling here: 

I Did Alex's soccer from the spring - 

I even did a second page to match!

I love to visit this site as I always knock a layout out with 
out a whole lot of thought and once you get the first one done 
they usually just keep going if you have time ,,,,

have an awesome day!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Peek Peek

At crop & Create I started a book for Tay of our last Gymnastics trip
to LA & Arizona - 
It is a Snap Album - once you start to play with the option - they are endless. 
I dont think this will be my last!

Here are a few peeks while I finish it up

This is the first page - I have put some Glossy Accents & Wink of Stella on it.
Simple- It is for Simple Stories - the entire book is done with they say cheese line
and some random embellishments.

 First Page - I did put embellishments on this page,
However I am going to  embellish the rest of the book at once.

Half way through trip and the book is almost full!! Yikes!

The mess on my desk as I work

These Mouse Ears were all random bright colours from my stash.
I did a book for our 2008 Disney Trip -
Yep I rarely toss stuff I may need later - LOL
Because the book is all the same colours repeated I need to change
the colours of the buttons.
Tried sharpie - tried copic - then I took out the nail polish.
They looked good - but then I remember the Gel Polish.
this stuff goes over regular polish to make it look like gel nails - well That was perfect -
Still didn't put them in yet but they will be ready when it is embellishment time!

Hope you all have a creative Day 

Friday, October 2, 2015


I love Hockey - I am a Proud Hockey MOM .
Garett has played since he was 4 - he is 17
Taylor played for a few years  ( Most of them for 2 teams)
Alex has started to play 
& I love to get out and play scrub - I am to busy to commit to league.

I am proud to announce one again will be playing 
for the local AAA Kings Major Midget Team.

To say it is not cheap is an understatement 
be we are very fortunate to have group of business that support 
him and sponsor ads to help off set the cost . THANK YOU 
with out their help Garett's dreams would not be possible.

The pay for ads in a book that is published and 
all parent are encouraged to support the businesses.
I created most of Garett's ads - to many late night getting this done ....

Here are the ads I created - 

This Last one is his girlfriend & her family - very nice!

Well better clean up my desk to work on the book ....
will share it soon.
Have a great day !

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