Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A little late - Here's the Christmas Trees!

A little late but better than never.

here are our Christmas trees this year.
Our big one in in the Rec Room downstairs & 
the pencil tree is in the living room where there is not as much room.

My favorite part of decorating my trees is 
all of teh memories that i recall as I place the ornaments on my trees.

Some were made for me, some were a gift, and the rest were purchased
while out with friends over the years..

Well that should be a wrap on Christmas, 
on to the new posts for a new year!!


  1. Love all the folk art. Love the primative look so much!!!

  2. Your trees are so so pretty.
    I do love your prim tree, love love love the primitive angel on top
    Oh yes, I need to check out your planner for this year ;)


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