Thursday, March 1, 2018

Stamp Organization & Storage

Well if you know me you know 
I am always cleaning and organizing.

It was time to hit the Stamps sets that I have been acquiring.
Several of the packaging was tearing with repeated use & 
my need to have everything uniform took over - 
I have started the project & have it well under way.

I used the Avery Elle Storage Pockets
I used the small and large pockets.

Next I cut cardstock to fit in each pocket,
I just used the cheap cardstock.
This picture is the mess that is created as I cut cardtsock
and got rid of packaging.

The lovely Kristy printed all of my labels for me ( twice, sorry Kristy),
and I attached them to the Cardstock.
I know most people uses a label maker, but this was just easier ,
faster and cheaper with all of the sets I needed to do.
The back of this cardstock has another label with the number
 of dies in the set - if i have the matching set.
( I will sho this once I have completed the entire task!)

Here are all of the beautiful pockets in my bin labeled.

There are 3 bins in this set,
they are 1, 2 & 3.
They all hang on a ladder stand & was
 purchased at Hobby Lobby 40% off.

I have been waiting 2 weeks for MFT to get the tall pockets 
in stock.  As you can see the left side of the bin above
 has my MFT tall stamps & other various stamps that 
are too tall for the Avery Elle large pockets.

Hopefully they get them soon and I can complete this job &
post my final pictures!

Thanks for stopping & and have a great day~!!


  1. This is how I organize my stamps, too!! And my dies. I have smaller clear CD packets for the smaller dies and then I organize them by theme. A ton of work, but it makes it so much easier to find when I need them :) Have a great evening!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. I finally finished this same project about a month ago... thank goodness too.. Tons of work.... The only thing I do differently is -- When I add my dies to the matching stamp set, I put a circle dot on the front of the stamp set (next to the label) - This way I know it has a matching stamp set - It's on the back side of it... but sometimes I don't pay attention on what has a stamp set or not - This just makes it easier to know - I have a lot of stamp sets without matching dies because I have the brother Scan N Cut machine - But then I also have stamps with dies,because that's how some come when you purchase them... I also made mine like you did... I didn't use a label maker... I didn't have one when I started my project, so I didn't bother after I had gotten it - Of course now... I just write on the label instead of typing it out.... It's just faster for me and since I'm the only one who needs to see what I got... then it's okay with me! LOL
    If you're interested in the Larger Pocket Envies for storage - I use some I get from Amazon.... Here's a link in case you want to find a less expensive route for storing your stuff -- (these are the smaller sizes) (these are the taller ones)

    They are usually on sale when available - Just thought you might want to know!
    Have a great weekend!



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