Thursday, January 5, 2017

I've got a Planner!

So my life is crazy busier ( sound familiar?) so 
I purchased a planner to keep track of where I need to be, what I need to do
and when it all goes down.

I had my heart set on Simple Stories Carpe Diem planner 
but it is an A5 size and I need something a bit smaller to go 
in my purse and travel with me.

Mel at work had one from Micheal's so I 
picked one up last week and started to put it 
together the way it would work best for me.

They used to have the planners in the aisle 
on one of those wire racks, 
now they have this! An entire aisle!

 Here is the planner and inserts I decided on.

This is the front cover, I didnt love the paper behind,so ... 
I added some Simple Stories We are Family paper.
you can see I have added a post-it note pad to scribble down notes!
it matched so i added it!

I had a stamp set already so I used it , 
I didn't love it but it worked!
I adhered the first half of the month to the divider, 
so when I open to a month I am at the calendar.
The washie through the days are days that I am traveling or
have an event lasting more than one day,
the matching washie is in the weekly inserts as well.
I don't need to label the event as I know right away what it is.

I snipped the year row off of a date stamp and got all of the days done, 
with only one error all year.

I  have the kids events at the bottom, hubby's shifts to the side
and washie shows me my travel dates.

last thing I got was a list for the back 
it has holes or you can slide it in the slot in the back cover....

Well wish me luck that this will help 
and make my brain hurt less!

If you have any great ideas or tricks, let me know.
Most of my ideas are straight from my friend Tracy!! 
Check her our here!

Have an amazing day!

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