Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween & Fall Decor - Time to Put away

I love fall Decorations & even Halloween for that matter.

I just Find that after Halloween I put it all away. 

This year I didn't take any pictures of my decorations, 
my iPhone sometimes takes great photo sometimes I wonder....

Here are a few things getting put away Friday ( Day off).
I have several decorations here & there, 
but I thought I would share a few groupings and other Halloween Photos.

Sorry iPhone was not co-operating!

 Mr Bones Plays that piano all October, and we have seasonal books out.

 I love this Prim Doll - Usually stays here untill Christmas.

Behind my kitchen sink 

 Tree Mom made me ( or I borrowed & it stayed ) 

 Bunting from last year...

Love to decorate the Fireplace...

 Senior Bones ready to hand out treats. 

He had Pirate Treats - so we dressed hims as a Pirate!

he doesn't like the slimy feeling - LOL 

A traditional pumpkin and what should appear to be a Reaper??
Maybe next year we should print a template ...LOL 

Ales was the "Enderman" on the end.
It is a Minecraft Character that is black with a block head.
I wish I got to make some thing more creative, but that is what he wanted.
Worked out, it POURED ans was cold, so I covered it in packing tape, 
he wore his rain coat and splat pants & rubbers asn he was warm & dry.

 After 35 min they were back at our house having Hot Cocoa & a Dance Party!

Hope you had a great Halloween!


  1. Great decorating and looks like a fun time was had :)
    Love senior Bones, teehee

  2. LOVE the decor! Looks Awesome! And how cute are those little ones! Glad everyone had fun!

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations


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