Saturday, December 14, 2013

Canadian Scrapbookers - A Picture a Day December

So my friend suggested that I try the
photo a day challenge from Canadian Scrapbookers,
So I am trying , Thanks Tracy....

So here is the list & mt first installment of photos.
When I started I was behind 
so I have been trying to catch up ...

1. Warmth
My hubby put this fireplace in our basement .... mmm toasty

Alex's fav hats from last year & this year 

3. Toasty hands
These are my warmest - but not prettiest mitts

4. Good Morning 
So this isn't from today,
but was from last Sunday Morning .... Brrr
I took this pic when I was driving the boys to the rink.

5. Breakfast
My families favorite Breakfast ... pancakes

6. List

7.  Shopping
Not a Picture per say but .... an image .... a good one 

8. Cards
Some of the ones I made ... ;)

9.  Display
Display area behind my sink 

10. Mail
Some cards that are ready to go

11. Snowflake
One of my favorite snowflakes on my tree

12. Frosty
The Frosty View from my basement window

13. Gifts
 I like them all to match each other as well as the tree . .

14. Naughty
Just watched the Grinch with Alex ... 

15. Nice

16.  Santa

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