Saturday, January 4, 2014

Keep it in Sight

Well as I am starting to clean out the drawers - 
I am trying to keep things in sight to use them ...

That being said I found the cutest picture frame 
that was not going to get a picture so ....

It needs a bit of work still but it is great for a sampling of my pins ...
if there is one here that will work I can pull the package and we 
what else I have ... I love pins but wasn't using them,
hoping to change that 

today was a mellow day in our house
Dear Hubby turned 47 today...
I have need been feeling great so we watched 
the IIHL world Jrs 
Canada lost - being a hockey mom , 
\I am not so happy with a few of the calls -
Digbat is not what I was calling the ref .. LOL

then we watched part of the under 17 Canada vs USA
which Canada lost as well. 
Dint watch the entire game made Butter Chicken,
peas, Basmati Rice, Lemon Basmati Rice & 
iced the cupcakes Taylor made Dad.

Was going to work on a mini I started yesterday.
But in laws are headed of so I will visit & relax.
I didn't follow the directions on the package anyway !!
Not sure why I bought 2 of the follow the instructions books-
I never follow - I want to be more creative!!

Will posy more pics as I finish ,

I did take pics of my first Mini projects that i did 
SEVERAL years ago ,
Enjoy ....


  1. Your mini album is so cute. Love that it fits in the tin.
    Instructions are just a guideline…we all like to be creative with them ;)
    As for the hockey game…Wayne watched it for a bit, I went had a nap…not a big hockey fan…surprised I haven't been kicked out of the country yet, lol.
    Happy Birthday to Scott :)

  2. love the pincushion sweet your albun..thx again for inspiration..ok ok..i'm going to get to one..really really i ya


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