Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Baby Its cold outside

We have been in a bit of a deep freeze around here

it have been -30 on my trucks temp gauge more often than not
and the norm for the kids to WALK ( have been driving them) 
on the radio is ... feels like -37 to -41 with the wind today. so 

I didnt take picture - thought is was appropriate ( from Pinterest) 

I have also caught the cold everyone is passing back and for forth , 
however I have NOT caught H1N1 which has claimed 2 lives in the area.
This world is getting crazy .

On a crafty note ... my friend Tracy & her friend Nicole 
did the 12 tags on Tim Holtz site last year 
and they were nothing short of amazing 

see there talent here

They will dazzle you - I only have a few blogs I pop in regularly
these are two - ( leave me your address so I can check you out too)

anyway to do so I am contemplating purchasing some precut dies 
apposed to purchasing 4-5 new Tim Holtz Die plates ... your thoughts.
There are some i would use more often & feel I could own - 
others I would use as much .... hmmmm 

anyway here is what I am striving for 

Have a scrappy day & stay warm

1 comment:

  1. Yes it is cold outside…that is why I stay inside ;)
    Some think that is what Wayne and I had (H1N1) but on a lighter side of it…I have no idea though.
    Hope you feel better real soon, not fun being sick :(
    Thank you for the shout out and the link to my blog and also the sweet comment about my tags :)
    I'm just warm and fuzzy with all your sweet comments towards me :)
    I would use what you have on hand…unless you really want some of his dies…or come to your new best crafty friends house (when you feel better) and see what I have that you can use :)


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