Thursday, January 23, 2014

Goodbye Arizona

Well it has been a crazy 2 weeks - 
Taylor & I spent 5 days in Arizona 
( which is clear across country for us ) 
I should have tacked on a day or 2 
when you calculate travel 7 competing - it seamed like 
we were there & back..

The competition was held by
 Amanda Borden - Olympic Medalist 

We had a great time 

well off to do laundry - 
clean up house & 
maybe load pictures

I need to pack for an up coming crop but I have a week for that !

have a crafty day 


  1. How fun!! I bet it was great weather too!

  2. I am sure it was paradise compared to here, lol.
    This is a memory your daughter will cherish for a long time, so exciting.
    As for the crop…now you are starting to sound like me. There is lots of time, lol.


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