Sunday, February 23, 2014

Working away ....

So for the last few days I have spent alot of time in my room 
I few small areas look clean ... but I have a long way to go ....

here is what I have done so far ...
( sorry took pics with phone and it is always hazy )

I started with my shelf.... and jars 
it seamed that most things on this shelf are behind me 
and not really used 
so I decided to shake them up 

I emptied all of the fabric flowers into the drawer at top
as I don't use them much and using up all the jars seamed silly 

Then I needed to fill the jars with all my little treasures that
don't get used.
I have always like Queen & Co
all this little containers ans some don't stay closed 
so time to get them out of the drawer ...
they are right beside me but there is always something in front of the drawer
so into a jar they went

i have a bunch of brads and goodies directly behind me in this 
cute little vintage caddy that don't get used = into a jar

here are some of the finished jars
Queen & co flowers, metal alphas 7 large brads

shaped buttons, shaped eyelets, mini brads, shaped brads
originally I wanted them all sorted for ease, 
but if I am not using them sorted, 
they might as well together

felt flowers, designer brads

metal embellishments, charms, plastic alphas, bronze embellishments

 a cleaned up sorted bottom shelf 

 still need to add detail to open space 

 next stop my ribbon drawer
i took all of the ribbons off of my shelf & 
added then to the ribbon drawer.
I have a great idea for the ribbon dowel below now that the ribbon is off 
all clean - for how long though ... lol

I even sorted and cleaned up my travel ribbon bin
that is have packed in my travel bag ...

 I reused the tubes I emptied into the jars for my travel bag

lastly I took a big ding out of my stamps - 
they were a messy few drawers
that I couldn't close ....

 I took a few off the blocks 
now I need to find cling vinyl for them
Any ideas?

I cut up baseball card sheets to hold
all the small stamps
different coloured card stock behind the stamps
lets me know what these they are.
I will show more pictures of these later
  and lastly I put a few I want to use soon and a few favorites in a 
small drawer on my desk top so I actually use them 
 Well I better get back at it if I want to be done by next week .
i even started putting together a prize 
... will blog that tomorrow as this one is so long ..

have a creative day & 
enjoy the walking dead tonight 


  1. It looks great. I love shaking things up a bit. The jars look pretty with the buttons. Most of my embellies are things I find junkin' ~ love the way you did your ribbons. Mine are hangin on my closet door. Thanks for stopping by :):)

  2. I think you wrote this post specificaly for me, teehee.
    Your storage cabinet looks awesome. I love your way of thinking "if I am not using them sorted,
    they might as well together" :)
    I am so impressed with your ribbon, that must would have taken patients and time :)
    I did enjoy the Walking Dead, thanks :)

  3. Yeah
    I needed to shake up the storage -
    Have been looking for washi storage -
    Don't have a lot to store but that will be for you -
    I really like your drawer ..
    I had to pvr the WD
    I was watching a movie with him -
    Not really appropriate for a 4yr old

  4. Wow you have been busy. Hopefully now you will use some of your stuff.
    Every time I have a tidy up or a move around I find things I had forgot I had lol.
    Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see some more. :)

  5. Everything looks great! I love how neat and organized it all is, and how its color coded!


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