Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Saturday Crop

We had a great time at the Crop for Heart
I laughed do hard I had to pee....
had no make up at end of day & my contact were driving me nuts - 
But we had a great time ....
( I borrowed a couple pictures from Tracy )

Thats me in the back - I had a SPECIAL seat at the head of the table & 
at one point of my delirium I decided I was Donald Trump,
crossed my fingers together and announced, 
Your Fired
Why - I have no clue ...LOL

Here I am with a Washie mustache! 

I may have had a little to do with this ...
but I was NOT the only one 
We love you Massachusetts - I mean Lynne

here is Denise with her Donald Duck Lips - 
Such a cutie

This is Trump Tower at the end

We worked so hard & diligently - lol or was that goofing around?

We had a great time.
Cant wait 2 months to go with the group again.
I will try to to fire anyone,
more out of fear I will be fired! ha ha 

All joking aside I did get some scrapping done. 
Remember all that prep you saw 
well it paid off .... 
to keep in theme of my go to at crop .


Sorry about picture quality 
\took pictures tonight with Ipad - 
wont do that again ...


  1. Wow Lesli, you sure got a lot accomplished didn't you.
    And here I thought your were just firing everyone…I did hear my name didn't I, lol
    If i knew you were going to nab the photos I would have put you up on my blog as well ;)
    Looking forward to our next crop together :)

    1. No pictures of me needed -
      I have no idea who i fired! that was out of the blue!
      Thanks you so much for including me - a mom day away was exactly what I needed ...

      Thanks again Tracy - looking forward to seeing you soon

      i did get alot done -
      two of the above were started at home & finished at crop &
      what i am most proud of - I bought NOTHING .... using the stash!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time, and amidst all the laughter, you got a ton done! Great layouts, love the colors/papers you chose, they really complement your photos well!

    1. Thank you!
      I mostly worked on Summer and camp pictures -
      I used October afternoon -
      lighting and pics aren't great -

      and Yes I had a great time

      as they say
      we laughed, we cried .......

  3. those are some great pages you have there and you got tons done~ that is a win win !!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you like the mini portfolio!!!


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