Monday, September 26, 2016

Haunted Gnome Garden

The Gnomes have gone south, and their home went to pot fast!!

Alex enjoyed his Gnome Garden this year so in the spirit of fall 
I spooked his little homestead.

I enjoyed this as much as he did!

if you havent notices before I like layers & lots of them. Here you can see the clothes line to the left.

in front of the house 

Bought the witches feet at Micheals and made a skirt - 
they were invisible and had no weight visibly before the skirt.
the fence is from Micheals as well & I made the little lanterns.

Mr Bone is enjoying the sun on the bench in the graveyard.
The tombstones i painted and were a dollar store find.
They had chalkboard paint on them to label cheeses and whatnot.

I googles Tombstones for a few ideas of design & 
the names are a mixture of my brain and Harry Potter names!

There are working lights around the top 
( thanks Nana) and Alex had to have the chair ( Mr Bones is currently occupying the chair).
The pumpkins where also a dollar store find.  they were clear crystal jar fillers.
Painted asn podges them - may need another coat of varnish with all the rain today!

My haunted trees are lily stems and add that little height!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

1 comment:

  1. OMGOSH! This is so TOTALLY COOL Lesli! I LOVE fall & Halloween and this is so creative & fun - LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOVE it!



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