Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A layout & What we have done this week ....

So here is a layout I made while was supposed to be packing for the crop .... 

Sorry for the Blurry Pic ... Yiks ..... SOrry 

No Blurr - detail .  This paper had no glitter when I started but as you 
can see it dint stay that way long.   Snow pages just call for glitter! 

and more glitter ....

and more Glitter . LOL 
Tried to layer the top of the snow letters to look like
 they had a dump of snow on them , but that didn't really turn out ....
but it isn't as blurry ! hooray  

We made some foam craft Easter Eggs - 
gotta love foam craft kits!
( please ignore reno in the background - I try not to take pics of it )

Followed by a swim with Dad - 
Mom was going to take him but - well thanks Honey ....

And Guess Who got a new bike this morning ?
and yes he is wearing a winter coat and mitts on April 15th ..... yuk...

Time to recharge for tomorrow - hope you all have a super creative day !


  1. This is my favourite layout, just beautiful. And you have one happy little boy on his bike. So cute :)

  2. I really like this layout and the glitter that you added to it! I always seem to make layouts when I should be cleaning or packing or doing anything except making layouts in my scrap room!

    It looks like you have been having a lot of fun around there! I can't believe you still have snow. Of course, I can't believe I had ice on my car this morning...in April...in Louisiana.

  3. Great pages Lesli, I love the sparkle.
    I think your snowy letters turned out perfectly.
    Busy little boy you have there :)
    I was finally able to get the Christmas decor out from under the store yesterday….and yes I had to put on winter gloves…its still cold out there. :(

  4. Your layout is absolutely gorgeous!! Almost enough to make me appreciate the snow … almost ;)


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